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He's quivering more than I am.
Each pass of the blade sends
a jolt through his body and
a shiver through mine.

I can scarcely keep my hands
steady I'm trembling so much.
I'm afraid I'll disintegrate at
any moment. I'm hanging on by a thread.

He's lying there writhing before me
and I want nothing more than to
taste his lips, but I must finish
making him into my masterpiece.

He's mostly silent, save the occasional
gasp and moan. I savor each one,
letting it settle in my brain and
send shivers down my spine.

As I carve wound after wound into
his skin, he gets more and more still.
Soon he's rigid, frozen, his small
sounds and shivers now gone.

He's lying there still, covered in
blood and sweat, somehow more
beautiful to me than he was
a short time ago.
She forever bears my name now. She's
branded as one of my creations.

She's just as magnificent as the others.

Just as soft.
Just as alluring.

I have so many of them now.

Binders and binders of them. Their
skins. To be gently rifled through
like the pages of a lurid memory book.

They all bear my name.
They all belong to me.
The soft shadows flickering across
the floor are only a miniscule part
of the masterpiece in front of me.

The warmth is almost enough to
tempt me to be a part of it.


This is for them.

Their siren songs ring in my ears
sending rivers of warmth from
the soles of my feet that settle in
my gut.

No one else can hear them. This is
all for me.
Finally, he's mine.

The only thing more thrilling than
knowing he will never leave me is
the softness of his pale skin, the
stark contrast of

my warm
his cold.

Sempiternal beauty that is to be
loved, caressed, by me

and ever.
It feels lighter somehow with its
crimson cloak. It's almost as if it
knows the deed that has been done,
the hunger that has been sated.

I don't want to mar it. I want to leave
it there eternally. I want the
crimson to seep into it until they
become so fused that nothing
and no one can separate them.

I grasp it gently, stroking it, caressing
it, whispering to it. I tell it how
beautiful it is, how well it has
served me, how addicted I am to it.

I can't resist tasting it any longer.
I touch the side of the blade to
my tongue. The salty, metallic
blood mingling with the bland knife.
Hello everyone. I haven't been on here in ages! So I just had the greatest idea ever.  I've decided to finally (finally!) publish a book, or more specifically, a poetry anthology. It somehow just occurred to me that I have enough poems to do it (and they have a cohesive theme, yippee). So now there's just title ideas to go through. Anywho howy, tootaloo for now.

P.S.  There should be two poems incoming today so in the words of Scar "Be prepaaaaaaared!"


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